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Knee Pain is a common condition which affects individuals of any ages. Knee pain can either be experienced immediately after an injury, or it would develop gradually because of certain medical conditions or strenuous exercises. Knee pain can either be confined to a selected spot in the knee or spread throughout the knee. The common symptoms include swelling, stiffness and pain. The treatment of the knee pain depends on its cause. In few cases, self-management alone is effective, and in few cases, surgery is required.

It is a significant joint that supports your lower body, especially your legs. you’ll face knee pain at any age; as it can occur because of a variety of reasons. it’s vitally important to implement remedies as soon as you notice knee pain symptoms. Some knee pain home remedies convince be helpful. Depending upon the diagnosis from an expert doctor, physiotherapy or surgery could also be necessary for knee pain relief. The severity of the knee pain depends upon the underlying cause. In most of the cases, knee pain disappears without any serious issues. However, in few conditions knee pain can cause serious issues, as an example, if osteoarthritis remains untreated it should cause disability.

Risk Factors for Knee Pain:
A risk factor is behaviour, characteristic or attribute that increases the probability of developing a medical condition. the danger factors for knee pain include:
Excessive weight increases the probability of knee pain because it increases the strain on the joints. Obesity and overweight also are the chance factors for osteoarthritis, an explanation for this pain.
Injury: A history of knee injury increases the danger of the likelihood of injuring the knee again.
Overuse: Overuse of the joint due to repetitive work-related activities like kneeling, frequent lifting of heavyweight, climbing stairs etc. or exercise like skiing, jogging etc. increases the danger of knee pain.
Reduced Muscle Flexibility and Strength: Reduced muscle flexibility and muscle strength are the leading reason for the knee pain. Weak and stiff muscles cannot absorb sufficient stress which results in knee pain.

Diagnosis of Knee Pain:

Every possible reason for the knee pain needs a special diagnostic testthe various diagnostic tests that are done for diagnosing knee pain are: 

Physical Examination: In physical examination, the physician will look for various symptoms of knee pain like swelling, bruising, tenderness etc. The physician also will study the range of motion and evaluate the correctness of knee structure.
X-Ray:  An X-ray is completed to find out if the patient has osteoarthritis or fractures.
Blood test: A blood test is done when an infection, gout or other sorts of arthritis are a suspected reason for the knee pain.
Arthrocentesis:  Arthrocentesis involves removing a little amount of fluid from the joint by inserting a small needle. The extracted fluid is shipped to the laboratory for further testing. it’s done to differentiate gout from other sorts of arthritis.
Ultrasound Scans:  An ultrasound scan involves the utilization of ultrasound waves to provide the image of the knee and its surrounding tissue. to determine the range of motion the physician might take ultrasound scans in various positions.
Computerized Tomography (CT) Scans: Computerised tomography scans are useful in detecting the loose pieces of bone or ligament which will affect the movement of the knee. In CT scans, various scans taken from different directions are combined to make a cross-sectional image.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scans: Magnetic resonance imaging scans are done when an injury to ligaments, cartilage, tendons and muscles is the suspected reason for knee pain. MRI scans produce a 3D image by using radio waves and a magnetic flux .

The experts decide and execute the line of Knee Pain Treatment in Nashik,  depending upon the cause and acuteness of your knee pain. the main target would be to scale back knee pain syndromes and a radical knee pain relief with a multi-dimensional approach.

Medication: The doctors prescribe medicines for knee pain relief and internal corrections to treat underlying medical conditions.
Physiotherapy: The experts design your exercise schedule to correct your body movements, strengthen the muscles around your knee, improving flexibility, and gaining stability. this can be an effective knee pain treatment.
Injections: Depending upon the character of your injury and pain, sometimes doctors inject medications like hyaluronic acid to extend mobility; Corticosteroids for relief from arthritis. PRP for strains and internal injuries.
Surgical treatment: The expert surgeons also recommend and execute surgeries for arthritis, partial and/or total knee replacement.

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Dr Pranit Sonawane is Advanced Knee Replacement Surgeon in Nashik who use recent advances in the technique of Knee and Hip Replacement, like doing knee replacement by sub-vastus approach (without cutting knee muscle) so as to provide Patients Knee Pain Treatment in Nashik and an improved quality of life by making them pain free. Also Dr. Pranit is the only Hip Replacement Surgeon in Nashik & Maharashtra to do Hip Replacement by Anterior approach i.e. from front with a minimally invasive technique [small incision] in which there is no need of cutting the muscles but by reaching Hip Joint by using plain in between the muscles, thus giving a benefit of saving the important hip muscles which are at the posterior side or back of hip joint thus giving excellent results in view of patient recovery. Also he is expertise in Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy and Sports injury treatment. regardless of the situation of your joint problems, orthopedic doctors work to chalk out a solution to induce you moving out and again. orthopedic doctors in Nashik are educated from recognized medical institutes in India or abroad and possess a work experience of 5 to seven years and more.(Knee Pain Treatment in Nashik)

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