Shoulder Pain Treatment in Nashik

          The shoulder is a very flexible joint that is made from several tendons, ligaments, and muscles that each one work together. Should pain may result from injuries, general wear and tear, and variety of inflammatory conditions.

The shoulder comprises three bones:

  • The Humerus, which is theupper long bone.
  • The Scapula, which is theshoulder blade.
  • The Clavicle, which is the

        The top of the upper arm fits in to the glenoid, a round socket within the  scapula. a group of muscles and tendons called the rotator cuff keep the shoulder in place and provide mobility and stability. Shoulder pain is a common problem. There are many things which will cause shoulder pain. for many people, it’ll improve over time with appropriate treatment. This pain is common in our community. In younger people, pain is more likely to flow from to an accident or injury. However, as you age natural wear and tear occurs within the shoulder and therefore the rotator cuff tendon. this might become persistently painful over time. the great news is that with appropriate treatment pain will improve so you’ll get back to doing the things you enjoy.

This Simple Stretch helps to ease Pain and Prevent Future Symptoms:

Stand and raise your shoulders. Hold for five seconds.
Squeeze your shoulder blades back and together. Hold for five seconds.
Pull your shoulder blades downwards and hold for five seconds.

        You may feel shoulder pain all the time, or only when you move your shoulder, and therefore the pain could be temporary or continue (requiring diagnosis and treatment). With Tendonitis (inflammation of the tendons) and bursitis (where fluid builds up in the sac of fluid that cushions the shoulder joint, called the bursa) there’s usually a slow onset of discomfort and you’ll have difficulty sleeping on the affected shoulder. Frozen shoulder can cause pain, stiffness and restricted movement of the shoulder.

Expert Treatment
To relieve this pain, you’ll use drugs which will be taken orally or applied on to the shoulder, and which are available from your pharmacy. you’ll also find that heat or cold packs can help to reduce your pain. If you’re experiencing intense pain or pain that worsens, it’s recommended that you visit a specialist who may conduct Shoulder Pain Treatment in Nashik and physical examination to look for abnormalities, swelling, deformity, tenderness or muscle weakness, also as checking your shoulder’s range of motion and strength. Additionally, they’ll order imaging tests (e.g. an X-ray). in order to assist to recover, your specialist can suggest gentle stretching exercises and physiotherapy.

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair: –

This Video demonstrates you the Technique used by Dr. Pranit to do Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repair [Shoulder Muscle repair]

In this procedure by using small key hole and arthroscopy suture anchor are placed at original attachment site of rotator cuff muscle on bone, and then with the help of special instrument called First pass [suture passer] bites are taken through torn muscle tendon, and then by using sliding knots the rotator cuff muscle is reattached to its original position on bone. The reattached muscle heals and the patient regains shoulder strength to move or abduct it above head and return to sports activity with full potential 

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