Shoulder Treatment in Nashik

The shoulder features a wide selection of motion and consists of three bones, i.e., collarbone (clavicle), upper arm (humerus), and scapula. the top of the humerus is ball-shaped and fits into the socket of the scapula. therefore, it’s called a ball and socket (glenohumeral joint). there’s a joint between a part of the scapula (acromion) and the clavicle, which is named the acromioclavicular joint. The rotator cuff muscles keep the joint in its place. Any injury, fracture or tear in tendon may result in the shoulder pain. The shoulder pain may occur because of problems with outside, top, front, or all over the shoulder.

       In some cases, this pain occurs because of problems in the heart, neck, lungs, or abdomen. it’s called pain. it should occur because of health conditions, like angina, laparoscopic surgery, or carcinoma. a standard reason for this pain is soreness of the tendon(a cord that attaches a muscle to a bone) of the rotator cuff. this is a part of the shoulder that helps circular motion. you might experience soreness after painting, lifting items, or playing a sport—anything that needs you to lift your arms. otherwise you may not remember any specific injury, but you continue to feel pain in your shoulder.

Shoulder pain results in discomfort in moving the arm. Type and intensity of pain change with the underlying cause. This pain can be expressed as:

Pain that builds up gradually and worsens on performing any activity can be seen just in case of tendonitis or bursitis.
Pain and stiffness that persist for several months to years and worsens with movement are often seen in frozen shoulder or arthritis.
Extreme pain that develops abruptly along with numbness or tingling sensation at the injury site or change in shape of the shoulder can be seen just in case of fracture or shoulder dislocation.

Diagnosis of Shoulder Pain:

The healthcare provider obtains the medical record initially and diagnoses the cause by performing:

  • Physical examination, which helps to evaluate signs and symptoms, like tenderness, range of motion, and swelling.
  • Imaging tests, like X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans could be performed to provide detailed images. These tests help to detect the precise location, severity, and exact reason for pain.

Treatment of Shoulder Pain:
Shoulder Treatment in Nashik for shoulder pain is prescribed based on the underlying cause and is primarily focused on decreasing pain and inflammation, thereby improving range of motion. the subsequent are the treatment methods employed to treat shoulder pain:

  • Physiotherapy – one of the primary treatment approaches involves physiotherapy and modifying your activities that make your pain worse. Physiotherapy will aim to fix problems like stiffness and weakness. It will also include therapy the movements or activities associated with your sport, work or everyday activities that were aggravating your shoulder so that wherever possible, you’ll revisit to what you were doing.
  • Heat and Cold packs – It help you with temporary relief of pain and stiffness.
  • Medications – like paracetamol and low dose anti-inflammatories can be helpful in controlling pain while you work to maintain and restore movement and function. If you have high blood pressure or cardiac or renal disorder, you should ask your doctor before using these medications. If your pain persists, you ought to discuss other treatment options with your doctor.

Surgery could also be required in patients with a shoulder dislocation, fracture, or some rotator cuff tears to stay the joint intact in its original position. Arthroscopy is the surgical procedure performed by an orthopedic surgeon to correct the this problems.

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